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develop into your weekend. >> thank you. the clean up from sandy continues in new york and new jersey. >> brandy hitt is in lower manhattan with almost no power. >> reporter: three days after sandy made landfall thousands of families in hobeken are still trapped by floodwaters. >> it's really scary. we don't have that much food. we spared a little bit. >> reporter: while national guard rescues people stranded here fires continue to burn further south where homes have been flattened. >> you hear the gas, for days,. >> reporter: it's gone in to the streets because crews can't reach the area to turn it off. >> you never really expected this to be this bad. >> reporter: help and relief is being delivered but frustration is growing. at howard beach entire working class neighborhoods have been destroyed and people feel they have been forgotten. >> i have -- red cross, salvation army, fema, nobody. >> reporter: it'll take weeks to recover from the destruction and parts of new york city are still paralyzed. some subway service has returned and it was announced that power will be restored
to new york to get a look at the damage caused by sandy. >> he made a tour in marine1 before he went down on staten island. >> reporter: up close and personal look at the devastation for the president of the united states. the damage on hard hit staten island is everywhere. what you can't see is the internal struggle so many new yorkers are facing. >> i had the opportunity to give some hugs and give thoughts and prayers to the moore family. they lost two young sons during the course of this tragedy. >> reporter: the president said the federal government will be part of the rebuilding process. new york governor is requesting $30 billion in aid. >> there is still a lot of clean up to do. people still need emergency help. they still need heat. they still need power. they still need food. they still need shelter. >> reporter: progress is being made on staten island but at a snail's pace. >> we don't know anything right now. >> reporter: the national guard is a sifting with clean up but the long time residents want to know when the help will come. >> we need shelter. we need heat. we
sandy slammed the east coast with terrifying force. >> people are trying to find a place to eat and stay warm, and on this election day, how they'll be able to vote. >> reporter: 8 days after hurricane sandy, still no power or eat, thousands are bracing for freezing cold temperatures. this staten island man wonders how he will survive in the bitter cold. >> i know the cold weather is coming, and we are concerned about that. >> reporter: shelters are set up across the new york tristate area. clothes, food,ing and blankets are being handed out to those in need. many are thankful to have escaped with their lives. >> we're alive, my whole family is alive, and god will get us through this. >> reporter: the u.s. marines have stepped in, helping out with the cleanup. abc has also done it part, raising almost $17 million and rising for its day of giving fund-raiser. some say getting the power back on is taking too long. >> i am angry, to say that i am frustrated, disappointed would be the understatement of the decade. >> reporter: long lines of cars still wrap around gas stations waiting for
's consume alert, some hurricane sandy victims say they're being gouged by consumers. they say her chants are hiking -- merchants are hiking prices on essential goods and the new york attorney general is launching an investigation. price gouging is illegal in times of emergency. >> all right. aren't you excited? we're down to the wire. tomorrow is the big day and how the candidates are wrapping up their campaigns >>> hey, a sunny sky. the chill was present. not too far from druid hill. a high school here in laurel, gorgeous blue skies. in towson at loch raven tech academy. that early sunset. 45 degrees. the dew point is down to 25%. the air is dry. the normal 61. we've been as warm as 83 degrees. it could be worse. winds from the north gusting higher than that. that wind chill feeling like 30s and 40s. froze warnings up for the entire central part, falling below freezing for more than three to four hours. this is the frost advisory. that is a killing frost or a long freeze that will take out vegetation. into the phone only weekly warming up through much of the day and similar deal on wedn
with the mess from sandy. there are 52 ems workers. howard, talbot, washington and harford counties were some of the areas that sent crews. >>> a 12-year-old student at central middle school was caught with two guns in school. school officials said they saw a classmate with a gun on thursday. the school resource officers found an unloaded air pistol after searching the student's locker. >>> the weather is fairly quiet. we did see breaks of sunshine. a couple of plight scattered showers -- light scattered showers have diminished. temperatures 44 in west min stemplet 44 4ster -- westminster. rain has been minimal to nonexistent. weir me go hour by hour, breezy, cold west breeze coming in through 5 a.m., 37, a chilly start. >>> dozens killed and millions still without power in new york and new jersey in the wake of superstorm sandy. now that much of the water has drained away people are getting a better look at what's left behind and trying to cope with a new world of nearly freezing temperatures and total darkness. >> lost everything. you do the best you can. >> even in areas with power, there
construction vehicles will help the customers affected by superstorm sandy. >> good guy. >>> while most of us were scared by sandy, how about crisfield? that's where we get our crabs from. this was the dploar -- worse sense gloria. they are trying to meet the needs of people who aren't covered by people. you can learn more and donating by doing to >>> let's say you're living in chrisfield and been told you have to evacuate your home in 10 minutes. >> 10 minutes is all you have. >> what do you grab? >> it's a question many people have faced. how to save the things you need. >> reporter: it's been a week since sandy bat ared the east coast. it's a plea for anyone to help. >> we have nothing. >> reporter: while the peak of the storm missed maryland by 100 miles, we are just as vulnerable to disasters large and small. to give yourself the best chance of getting through a natural disaster, dug said you need to prepare and do it now. >> you need to be prepared to take care of yourself for the first 48 hours. >> reporter: you'll want plenty of food and water. >> having a disa
, location. seems like we got lucky. certainly not anywhere in comparison with sandy being the strongest. this is one of those average of the mill nor'easters. let's go to that water main break. >> unfortunately, the cold temperatures will make matters worse. it's 60 inches right between north avenue and 20th street. many nor by will be flooded, so avoid this area if at all possible. you'll want to stick with 83 or calvert as your alternate route. no delays on the jfx. harford tunnel will be clear. watch out for delays in the towson area. it will take you 17 extra minutes from the inner loop down to 9345. we have a crash in anne arundel county. it will be at the off ram. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> let's take a look at that. you're looking at a live picture of the scene. there's a pop. there now we're worried about the temperatures dropping when the sun went night, night, right? >> let's let over to roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman. >> reporter: we began to hear the jack hammering. the bge crews have been working on the gas lines. that's a real cause for concern. >> t
to the fifth graders. they had some good questions and we talked about the effects of superstorm sandy. winds from the north will cope the chill factor on. it's already feeling like 30s in hagerstown, dulles and, dover and patuxent rirch -- river. we're still below freeze bilge daybreak in bel air, baltimore, chester town, et cetera. we struggle to get out of the 40s. mainly we'll see additional included cover, no rain. it will help keep temperatures down. by tomorrow night we're back in the 20s and low 30s. it will be two frosty nights in a row. cloudy. absolutely, it will be cloudy. clear for the moment bit high thin clouds rolling in out of the west. that will be our story. we'll hold temperatures down slightly. the core of the coldest air right over the mid-atlantic states will drift north and still somewhat chilly because of a mix of sun and clouds. as we go general electric beyond -- go beyond it we will moderate. we're watching a coastal storm off south carolina. generating extra breeze around maryland by the time we get into early next week. 30, clearing cold. as we look tomorrow, 48.
friends in new york and new jersey are still cleaning up after superstorm sandy. many of the homes completely destroyed by the storm and fire leaving little to salvage. for the rest of the area cleanup is underway. three weeks without power. some customerrings are still in the -- customers are still in the dark. those frustrations over power outages may have caused an attack on an electrical worker. a man is recovering in the hospital after an attack. his name is john apple white. he's an electrical work are from tampa. he was beaten at a new york city restaurant while working on a super storm relief project. they stopped to get dinner. a man drove up, yelled something and punched apple white in the face. he's back in florida but in the hospital. the attack as not dampened apple white's spirit. >> i'm not going to let one person spoil that for me. >> apple wheat's face very swole -- apple white's face very swollen and will likely need a lot of surgery to repair his face. >>> all right. here's something to smile about, from vacant properties to valued homes. habitat for humanity and
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9